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If you have lost your local hearing care provider call us for a hearing aid evaluation and service, free of charge.


Providing the very best hearing care for the Mendocino Coast since 1989

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Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life and when fit, maintained, and used properly will give you years of better hearing and communication ability. Having local service and support is vitally important to getting the most out of your investment and Pacific Coast Hearing Aid Service guarantees that you will be satisfied with your investment. 


We use all the latest technology and equipment to ensure that you get the best possible experience with hearing care. In addition to that, with our many years of experience we will listen to you and make sure that your concerns and needs are being fully addressed. One way we do this is with a process that gives you time to evaluate hearing aids without pressure to buy. 

Flex Trial Hearing Aid Test Drive
A hearing care program that puts you in the drivers seat.

You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first. Why should hearing aids be any different. Here's how it works;

  • Make an appointment for a professional hearing evaluation.

  • Take home state of the art hearing devices that same day with no cost or obligation. 

  • Take your time deciding what hearing aid is right for you.

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“I have been extremely happy with the hearing aids I got from Pacific Coast! David is great to work with and always makes time for me when I need his help"


Audrey S.


“ I really cannot say enough about how much Dave has helped me with my hearing. I have tried other hearing aids and offices in the past and never got the result I was hoping for until now."


John M.

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