Hearing Aids & Technology

Today's modern hearing aids are marvels of technology yet discreet and easy to use. We have everything from the worlds smallest listening device (pictured here) to powerful hearing aids that will help severe to profound hearing loss. No matter what your need or budget we have the experience, products, and service to help.


A wide variety of accessories are available to help you get even more satisfaction out of your hearing aids. Connecting to phones, televisions, and computers can make listening easier and more enjoyable. Ask about our Free Pick Your Perk program to learn more about these incredible devices.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Get the latest technology in an easy to use, convenient rechargeable option. No more changing batteries every week just put the hearing aids in their charging base overnight and get a full day (up to 24 hours) of uninterrupted listening. The latest battery technology is water based chemistry so they are safe and ecologically friendly.

Taking Care of Your Hearing Aid

Changing batteries
Changing the dome
Changing wax guards

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